Organize Your Vehicle!

Carendar is powerful online instrument to control usage, to calculate costs and to facilitate the maintenance of your vehicles.

Easy, On time, Accurate.

Insurance policies, repairs, technical inspections, maintenance, tyres change, documents validity, important dates and mileages, guarantees, etc. usually annoying events and obligations are now easily managed with few clicks.


Carendar is multi-platform applicateion, accessible from any mobile device. Your data is stored directly in the cloud and is accessible immediately online.


Carendar is useful tool to facilitate planning of your expenses.


Carendar will take care to send you proper notifications on time, based on projected mileage or particular dates.

Mobile application

Fully functional mobile app.

GPS Point

Save contact details and GPS position for visited garages, repair-shops, fuel-stations etc.


Tracking the fuel consumption in different conditions

According to

  • tyres type
  • driving style
  • using A/C
  • overload
  • traffic

Depending on road type

  • urban
  • suburban
  • highway


Which parts did you replace and how much did you pay for parts.

You will receive notifications for up-coming waranty and/or expiration times or miles.

Никога не забравяте да извършете технически преглед или смяната на маслото.

Carendar ще се погрижи да ви уведоми навреме за да можете да планирате своето време и разходи.


If you want to know how much money costs your car for every day you owe it or how much money you spend to travel, fill-in your expenses here and use our rich and powerful reports! More, you will never forget to change the oil, to buy insurance policy or to pay next leasing installment. Carendar will take care to send you proper notifications on time, based on projected mileage or particular dates. Register today and let us organize your vehicles!

With Carendar you will not forget to pay your insurance policy or delay the next leasing installment.

Various statistical reports and graphs will support and facilitate your decisions related to ownership and exploitation of your cars.


Fuel economy reports

paid for fuel in months and years
average consumption b/n full refuelings
average consumption by season b/n full refuelings
average monthly fuel price
Trips distance monthly

Financial reports

actual costs distribution
paid amounts distribution
Vehicle depreciation curve
costs forecast for different mileages
annual costs
average montly costs by years

Repairs and maintenance reports

repairs costs
maintenance costs